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05 Août 2017


21 h 00 min - 23 h 29 min

Afrique Sogue

Doors at 8:30 pm; Show at 9 pm
Tickets are $18 Advance / $18 Students / $20 Day of Show
Ashkenaz is all ages all the time!

Afrique Sogue Percussion and Dance is a traditional West African performing arts company based in the East Bay. Under artistic director Mohamed Lamine Bangoura, Afrique Sogue (meaning “the Sun of Africa”) celebrates the dance and musical culture of the Manding and the Mandinka people, those descendants of the great pre-colonial empire of what is now considered Guinea, Gambia, Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast, and Burkina Faso. Afrique Sogue proclaims the diversity and unity of these regions, through performance art and arts education. Afrique Sogue engages audiences and participants in cross-cultural dialogue, collaboration, and innovation through live entertainment, education, and professional artistic services.

An Evening Celebrating Mande Music:
This evening will be a night celebrating the diversity and richness of Mande music, sharing a sense of pride and profound rootedness in Mande history and traditions preserved and remembered through music. Djembefola and polyvalent, Mohamed Lamine Bangoura orchestrates an ensemble of drums including the dundun, sangban, and kenkeni, for the foundation of the music, with djembe accompaniment and solo, balaphone, vocalists, and dancers, creating a fusion of drum and dance from different rhythms of Susu, Baga, Malinke, and Forrest people. Bay Area West African musicians will come together for an evening celebrating Mande Culture, which spread across West Africa with the rise of Sudjiata and the Great Mande (Mali Empire) established by legendary warrior Sundjiata. Expect to hear djembe, doundon, bala, singing, which will be accompanied by local dancers. Together we will be creating delightful energetic rhythms that will move your soul

We invite all to sing, dance, and participate in an evening of celebration. This evening will be a delightful experience you don’t want to miss!

“Wontanara, wu mu Fatama,” through human connectedness we exist as whole.